The picturesque village of Lindos is situated 55 kilometres from the city of Rhodes, on the eastern coast of the island. The traditional village stretches on the feet of the ancient Acropolis hill, which is crowned with a Doric temple of Athena and a mediaeval fortress. Winding pebbled streets, white-washed houses, stone-built mansions, Byzantine churches and decorated archways leading to pebbled patios give Lindos its unique character.


St Paul’s beach, a spectacular natural swimming pool surrounded by rocky cliffs, underneath the ancient Acropolis, is just a 5-minute walk away from the house.

Below the main square of the village you can find Palestra, an organized sandy beach with shallow, safe waters.A short car ride away from Lindos are many more beaches: Kalathos, with round pebbles and deep, clear waters, Vlycha and Pefki, organized and sandy.


Take a donkey ride up the hill of the ancient Acropolis. On top of the hill is the Doric temple of Athena, built in 300 BC, a Hellenistic stoa (200 BC), the remains of a Roman temple of Diocletian and an impressive relief on the rock, depicting a Rhodian warship.

Remains of the mediaeval period include the Fortress (early 14th century) and St John’s church.On the southwest slope of the Acropolis hill is the ancient theatre of Lindos, with a capacity of 1,800.

Other noteworthy monuments include the Archocrateion, a Hellenistic funerary structure carved into the rock and the “Tomb of Kleovoulos”, located on the small island off the bay of Lindos. Finally, don’t miss a visit to the traditional Lindian mansion of the Papaconstantis family, one of the most important secular monuments of the mediaeval period, now a museum, as well as to the Byzantine church of the Lindos Madonna (15th century).